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at Schulich School of Business

The Club Mission:

To assist all Schulich graduate students on their career pathway in both Tech and Other Business industries by providing a holistic and robust program of learning, coaching students, and involving them in the Club, Schulich and External Tech events

What is BTMA?

Business Technology Management Association (BTMA) is an official club of Schulich School of Business, York University, Toronto, Canada. The Ultimate Goal of the club is to facilitate Schulich Graduate Students in making a notable career dash during and after graduation. A set of different activities achieves Club's goal, among them: conducting Technology conferences and Meetings with the sector evangelists; organizing career workshops with alumni; holding internal Case Competitions and connecting students with external one; providing regular updates on Toronto Tech events and new Internship opportunities; supplying members with vast of outstandingly useful materials; and other actions. 

Nowadays, technologies turn to be an integral part of any business and we, an Executive team of the club, believe that being familiar with Top Tech trends is basic literacy and being able to utilize these cutting-edge Inventions is what can bring an immense difference for a student on the Marketplace. Therefore, the club provides plenty of valuable experiences and intelligence that suits all Schulich Grad Programs’ Students, both those who aim at Tech career and those who plan to enter any other industry.

We clearly understand how it may be difficult for new students, particularly those who just settled in Toronto, to set priorities and develop an action plan for the year. This fact has driven us to produce a calendar-based route map of scheduled publications, services, and activities which mitigate members’ stress and facilitates in the achievement of their career goals. At the same time, the club mindfully follows the Market Headlines and members’ desires and is always ready to alter and deliver an experience that would be helpful at the moment. Our club is always opened for collaborating and running mutual projects initiatives.

Upcoming events!


Data Analytics Workshop by IBM!

11th Oct    

A great opportunity to hone your skills and gain insights on how data can be leveraged to achieve amazing results!


TD Case Competition

coming soon!


Tech Nigt   

coming soon!

BTMA Executive Team

- 4 years of work experience
- Worked in Tata Consulting Group, Sigma Systems
"My goal is to be an effective interface between industry and the student community to help Schulich students become the next generation of innovators by expanding their knowledge through real industry experience and networks"

- 3 years of work experience
- Worked in TD Bank
"My goal is to create a value for students being in BTMA. Plan and coordinate all moving parts from the team to deliver true learning opportunities and lasting memories to students"

- 4 years of experience
- Working in Adobe, NDTV, PayPal
"Being the interface between the tech industry and the Schulich community"

- 6 years of work experience
- Worked in LG, Restaurant Brands International, Verizon
"My goals is to assist in bringing all club events to life"

- 12 years of work experience
-Worked in HAVAS, OMD, WPP
"My goal is to deliver BTMA news no to let any of students to miss the valuable event or news"

- 14 years of experience
- Worked in Deloitte, Medtronic, PwC
"Working with external partners to obtain funding for BTMA activities"

- 6 years of work experience
- Worked in Infosys and TCS for Gilead Science, Morgan Stanley
"leverage the alumni network working in the tech space to ensure that our clubs members remain updated with the latest trends in the industry "

- 4 years of work experience
- Worked in Deloitte Consulting
"Ensuring that the members receive skyhigh level of events for an entrace fee they pay"

... CIBC, Deloitte, IBM, KPMG, Microsoft, Paytm, PwC, RBC, Scotiabank, TD ...

BTMA partners: before and at present


Reasons to get on board

- Meet famous Technology and Business speakers
- Receive Career and Academic advising support
- Get connected with BTMA Alumni exclusive network
- Train practical skills on club Workshops
- Receive regular updates on top Tech news 
- Engage in all club Internal events for free and get
discounts for external events

How to get onboard

All club members pay annual membership fee. Club's funds are used for financing external and internal events conduction and maintaining club's tangible and intangible property while the Executive team acts on a volunteer basis

The club provides following Membership plans:
- 1 year membership                                            .. $20
- 2 year membership                                             .. $40
- 1 year bundle with SMA membership                 .. $30
N.b. year is a 12 month period starting from the month of payment; 
Member gets a life access to the Alumni network disregarding from the plan

On the fact of payment, you will be automatically added to the members list and receive a Welcome pack letter. You may conduct payment online (follow the link below) or at venue (Club fair in the beginning of September on at Schulich by appointment, please contact us by the e-mail below)


Schulich School of Business, Room W036C, 111 Ian Macdonald Boulevard
Toronto, ON, Canada, M3J 1P3


You may always contact us via Facebook page or via the following e-mail: